"Lavry Blue Mic Preamp" Converter Audio Recordings

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Running Drums through Rupert Neve MBP and 542 Tape Emulator
by Pro Audio Toys on Feb 21, 2013
Rock Mix run through Vertigo VSC-2 Vs. BAE 10DC Compressors
by shelterr on Oct 10, 2012
BAE 10DC Compressor on Tracks and Busses
by Pro Audio Toys on Aug 12, 2012
ADK S-7B and Blue Woodpecker Compared on Saxophone
by Pro Audio Toys on Feb 17, 2012
Quick 4-Mic Drum Setup with 3 Zigma and Shure Mics
by rackrecording on Mar 27, 2009
Flexwand vs 3 Zigma CHI - Drum OH A/B Comparison
by rackrecording on Mar 21, 2009
Acoustic Guitar CHI Mics
by rackrecording on Feb 26, 2009
XLR Comparison Test - Mogami vs. Analysis Plus
by shelterr on Jun 13, 2008
Mic Cable Test
by shelterr on Jun 13, 2008
Drastic Mastering
by shelterr on Dec 28, 2007
Mastering (before and after)
by shelterr on Oct 18, 2007
Preamp Test -Monochord- Lavry, A-Designs, Forsell, Cranesong
by kamillion on Oct 17, 2007
ADK SL Mono Drum OH
by shelterr on Oct 6, 2007
Stephans Front Kick Drum Mic/Pre Comparison
by shelterr on Oct 6, 2007
Stephans ADK Room Mic AB Shootout
by shelterr on Oct 5, 2007
Accordion and Vocal
by rackrecording on Aug 22, 2007
Live Acoustic Band
by rackrecording on Aug 20, 2007
SM57 on Snare
by rackrecording on Aug 2, 2007
Stereo Acoustic Guitar with ADK CS-47 and Shure SM81
by rackrecording on Aug 1, 2007
1-19 / 19