Acoustic Guitar CHI Mics

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Placed 3 Zigma CHI SD-C Small Cardioid around eight inches from twelfth fret of guitar and 3 Zigma CHI C-LOL-251 around a foot and a half from the front of the guitar on the opposite side of the sound hole. Connected both mics to an API 3124+ preamp and ran through an Apogee AD-16X converter into RME Fireface 800 into Samplitude V10 Pro DAW. There is absolutely no processing at all on the recording, besides converting the original 32 bit float file to MP3 for web posting. No EQ, reverb, or compression added. This was my first time trying out the new 3 Zigma CHI mics. Very impressed so far! 3 Zigma Official Website


Audio Clips

  • Combined Stereo (both mics)

  • Left Solo 3 Zigma CHI C-LOL-251

  • Right Solo 3 Zigma CHI SD-C Small Cardioid


  • Nice natural sound. The LOL-251 sounds a bit more natural to me and is slightly brighter it seems. No EQ needed! Sweet!
    By Audio Test on Oct 20, 2009 at 2:37 pm

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