About Hear The Gear

HeartheGear.com is designed to assist audio recording enthusiasts.

The two main purposes of the site are:

1. Become more familiar with the world's audio gear by hearing what others have achieved with it.

2. Learn and share recording, mixing, and mastering techniques.

How to use this site


Visitors are invited to browse our ever-growing database of recordings from around the world. Browse by category or use the search field to search for a specific keyword or phrase. Using the site is absolutely free, and you do not need a HeartheGear account to listen to recordings.


If you would like to upload content to the site, or leave comments on projects you view, you will need to create a user account. Creating an account is quick and painless, and again, it's totally free!

Please include as much information as possible about the audio files you upload, including the signal chain (if applicable), photos, and/or a description of any processing that was done. Projects/audio files that include no useful information will likely be deleted by the moderators. This is not meant to be a site to simply show your band's latest song. We'd love to hear your song, but tell us something about how it was recorded, mixed, mastered, etc.


Everyone is invited to comment on any project! You simply need to create an account and login.