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Mic Preamp Shootout-Rock Guitar
by shelterr on Feb 1, 2015
Knif Tube Mic Preamp Shootout
by stephanhawkes on Nov 5, 2014
Original Song "Carpenter Song" Acoustic Guitar - ADK Thor
by jacksone on Jul 28, 2014
Unit Audio
by Unit Audio on Apr 19, 2014
Cover song - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down -
by Griploc on Oct 22, 2013
Male Vocal ADK Thor Mic through Universal Audio Apollo Quad
by jacksone on May 25, 2013
2 male vocalists Soundelux Elux251 vs. ADK Z-251, ADK Z-12
by basskev on Apr 10, 2013
Vertigo VSC-2 Mastering
by NAbner on Mar 30, 2013
2 males vocalists 4 microphones. ADK vs. Telefunken AK47 MkI
by basskev on Mar 29, 2013
2 mic drum kit recording ADK Thor Odin
by basskev on Mar 14, 2013
Preamp Test -Monochord- Lavry, A-Designs, Forsell, Cranesong
by kamillion on Oct 16, 2007
Mic Comparison - Guitar+Vocal: Peluso-Telefunken-AKG-M-Audio
by kamillion on Oct 24, 2007
Mic & Preamp Shootout - Presonus /Apogee/Sebatron/AKG/ADK/GT
by matthoiland on Jul 8, 2008
Bass Preamp Shootout
by EVT on Dec 5, 2007
Voiceover Mic Shootout - Neumann, AKG, and ADK
by rackrecording on Jun 3, 2010
SM57 on Snare
by rackrecording on Aug 2, 2007
adk a6
by antoniosolo on Nov 7, 2007
Live Acoustic Band
by rackrecording on Aug 20, 2007
Stereo Acoustic Guitar with ADK CS-47 and Shure SM81
by rackrecording on Jul 31, 2007
Stephans ADK Room Mic AB Shootout
by shelterr on Oct 5, 2007