Accordion and Vocal

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Earthworks SR30s were spaced about 5 feet apart and about 2 feet from the accordion. The ADK CS-47Y was placed in the center about a foot in front of the singer's mouth (a little above the accordion). Tracks were recorded through an Apogee AD16X and RME Fireface 800 into Samplitude V8 Pro. No effects were added. It was recorded at 24/96 and then converted to 16 bit using POWr#3 dither. The artist is Eddie Aimone


Audio Clips

  • Mix of Vocals and Accordion

    Combination of the three mics (Earthworks SR30's and ADK CS-47Y) recorded live.

  • Accordion Mics Only - SR30 Stereo Pair

  • Vocal Mic Only - ADK CS-47Y


  • #1 The SR30's yield a dead honest sound with lots of detail ! The vmp-2000eVU warms up the digital chill. The accordion sounds very real as well... #2 The CS-1/Vipre combination is a winner... lots of detail and crisp but not harsh. Nice recordings.
    By Audio Test on Oct 22, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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