Mic Cable Test

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Mesa Boogie cab mic'd with one Shure Sm57 though Brent Averill BAE 312 Preamp into Lavry Blue Converters. The only switch was from a Mogami brand XLR to an Analysis Plus brand XLR cable. Oh what a difference cable can make!


Audio Clips

  • Mesa Dual Rec SM57 - Analysis Plus

  • Mesa Dual Rec SM57 - Mogami

  • Marshall JMP SM57 - Analysis Plus

  • Marshall JMP SM57 - Mogami


  • There is absolutely a difference, but I was not able to pick a favorite at first. To me, the Analysis has a tighter, more focused, and clear sound. The Mogami seems to have a bit more lows, but is a little more smeared. I think Analysis is the winner here, but you need to try Zaolla and Accusound Silver cables.
    By rackrecording on Jun 15, 2008 at 3:46 am

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