Running Drums through Rupert Neve MBP and 542 Tape Emulator

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I started with a drum buss from a recent project, ran it through the Rupert Neve MBP, and then ran it through the new Rupert Neve 542 Tape Emulators (500-Series).

Audio Clips

  • Drum Buss Before Rupert Neve

  • Drum Buss After Rupert Neve MBP

    This is the same section ran through the Rupert Neve MBP. No other EQ or effects added. Settings on MBP were 2:1 Ratio, Peak limiting, Attack 50, Release .5, Limiter +24. Silk Off. SideChain 250 Hz engaged.

  • Drums After Rupert Neve MBP + 542 Tape Emulators

    This is the MBP clip above looped a second time through the 542's.
    Settings on both 542's were 0dB trim, Saturation knob at half-point, IPS at 30, Blend at 50%, Silk-Red at about 10 o' clock.


  • I love how the MBP evens out the hits and makes it punch more without feeling compressed or pumping, and the 542's fattened it up a bit more and gave the track some oomph in the low-end.  I notice it the most when listening to the 542 track for awhile and then going back to the others which sound thinner in comparison.

    By rackrecording on Feb 22, 2013 at 6:36 pm

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