ADK T-FET Male Vocal Shootout

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Comparing all 6 Flavors of ADK T-FET Condenser Microphones on Male Vocal

Mics were compared in pairs as shown. Vocalist (Ben Sprague of Phantom Note) sang the same line 3 times, to compare all 6 microphones. In the end, he selected (and purchased) the ADK Cremona 251T as his favorite for his own voice.

All mics were run through the same KNIF V804 Mic Pre followed by light compression through a Retro STA-LEVEL. Same settings and levels used for all mics, so the volume differences are from some mics being a little louder than others. The Munich-7 had the hottest signal out of the group, which meant it also hit the compressor a little harder.

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Audio Clips

  • ADK Berlin-47T FET Mic on Male Vocal

  • ADK Hamburg-67T FET Mic on Male Vocal

  • ADK Cremona-251T FET Mic on Male Vocal

  • ADK Munich-7T FET Mic on Male Vocal

  • ADK Frankfurt-49T FET Mic on Male Vocal

  • ADK Vienna-12T FET Mic on Male Vocal


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