Audio Loops through Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece

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Audio clips before and after loop through Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece. Purpose is to show the sound of the 5060 with and without Silk-Red/Blue engaged, and Burl BDA4M with and without BX5 Transformer engaged.

Band is Innocents Torn - Not Yet Finished/Released


Audio Clips

  • Drum Buss Before Loop (ITB)

  • Drums After 5060 Loop with Silk-Red and Burl BX5

    Run out the Burl BDA4M with transformer engaged and then through Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece with Red-Silk engaged as shown. No other processing.

  • Instruments Before Loop (ITB)

  • Instruments After Loop - No Silk or Burl BX5

    After Loop with Burl Transformer off and No Silk on 5060

  • Instruments After Loop with Silk-Blue Only

    After Loop with Silk-Blue on 5060 as shown. Burl BX5 Off.

  • Instruments After Loop with Burl BX5 and Silk-Red

    After Loop through listed gear, with Burl Transformer AND Rupert Neve Silk-Red both engaged


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