Mic Preamp Shootout-Rock Guitar

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This test compares an identical guitar loop through different mic preamps on a 1980 Marshall JMP 100 Watt Amp into a Bogner 4X12 Cab with Vintage 30 speakers mic'd up with a Shure SM57. All Preamps were run into Avid HD IO convertors.


Audio Clips

  • Vintage API 312 Huntington 2520 Op Amp

  • PAU Model 805

  • Knif V804 32 Gain More Pushed

  • Knif V804 28 Gain Less Pushed

  • Chandler Tg2 Abbey Road Edition

  • CAPI Vp28

  • BAE 1073d 500 Series

  • BAE 1073 Mpf Rack

  • A Designs P1


  • My favorite here is the KNIF because of the more life-like detail I'm hearing, even in the MP3.  Then the PAU, BAE's, API, and Chandler are all about equally good for me, and would depend on the song, mix, etc.  Chandler is a little smoother and more compressed, API a little punchier and brighter, and the BAE sort of in between.  My least favorites are the VP28 and P1 which I find to be harsher.

    By rackrecording on Feb 1, 2015 at 9:38 pm

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