"Universal Audio Apollo Quad Audio Interface" Compressor Audio Recordings

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Running Drums through Rupert Neve MBP and 542 Tape Emulator
by Pro Audio Toys on Feb 21, 2013
Rock Mix run through Vertigo VSC-2 Vs. BAE 10DC Compressors
by shelterr on Oct 10, 2012
Marty Stuart Acoustic Guitar Recording with 3 Zigma C-LOL-12
by Pro Audio Toys on Sep 5, 2012
BAE 10DC Compressor on Tracks and Busses
by Pro Audio Toys on Aug 12, 2012
Lines - Acoustic song with ADK A-51S and M-Audio MobilePre
by Laurie on Sep 3, 2010
Compressor Colors - Compressor Shootout on Acoustic Guitar
by kamillion on May 31, 2009
1-6 / 6