Lines - Acoustic song with ADK A-51S and M-Audio MobilePre

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I recorded the main vocal track and guitar at the same time and then added in a second vocal track.

Audio Clips

  • ADK A 51s - M-Audio MobilePre USB

  • Same File after some tweaking from Greg B.

    Added Compressioin slight EQ, and a little reverb, plus a filter to remove a little of the hiss noise.


  • I really like this song Laurie. Your voice sounds nice doubled like that. The guitar has a lot of bass, so you might try backing it off farther from the sound hole. I usually put it about 12-18 inches from the 12th fret. You can also cut the bass more with the EQ switch on your A-51S.
    By rackrecording on Nov 17, 2010 at 7:37 pm

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