Compressor Colors - Compressor Shootout on Acoustic Guitar

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The signal path is a Neumann 64 into a NEVE 1073 into Pro Tools. Then the signal was run thru the various compressors. Does each compressor have a different vibe?

Credit goes to White Room Studios in Detroit, Mi Tube Tech CL1b:

Audio Clips

  • Original Recording before Compression

  • Tube Tech CL1b

  • EL 8 Distressor

  • Retro Sta Leve

  • LA2A

  • SPL Transient Designer

  • NEVE 2254

  • Shadow Hills Mono Optograph

  • Retro Instruments 176


  • The LA2A seemed to "pump" the most. I like the way it shapes the sound. Haven't made my mind up about which I like best. Can you tell us how you set the compressors?
    By DanOMatic on Jun 1, 2009 at 3:18 am
  • The original guitar track has a bit of a dirty over-driven sound in parts, kinda like something was peaking. To me the LA2A and some of the others brought out too much of that grit. I think the SPL Transient Designer seems to keep the distortion under control the most, but maybe it's cause it's a bit quieter than the other tracks. I liked the Distressor the most after the first listen cause I liked how it seemed more up front, but after listening to them all again, most of them seem very close to me. My opinion changes depending on what part I'm listening to.
    By rackrecording on Jun 4, 2009 at 2:13 am

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