CHI mics drum overheads

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These were done spaced pair, with the mics pointed almost straight down. The pair was about 7' off the ground, with the left mic being above the ride/floor tom and the right mic being a bit outside the crash/hihats. I always set my overheads to be equidistant from the snare. *Note: the SDC sample is a bit louder, so to make an honest comparison you'll have to level match it to the others. I did not change gain between the 12/67/251 capsules so any differences you hear are due to the mic output. I thought they all yielded neat results. I was surprised I didn't like the 251's more. Perhaps they'd do better with a different placement. The 67's really did well on the snare, IMO, which doesn't surprise me. The 12's gave a good balance and nice articulation to the ride and hihats. The SDC's were very nice. I don't normally use SDC for overheads. These seemed rather flat with good extended bass response. The toms sounded great in them.


Audio Clips

  • 3 Zigma CHI C-LOL-12 - ISA 428

  • 3-Zigma CHI C-LOL-67 - ISA 428

  • 3 Zigma CHI C-LOL-251 - ISA 428

  • 3 Zigma CHI Small Cardioid SD-C Capsules - ISA 428


  • The SDC caps are particularly impressive here, but that could certainly be because they are louder than the other three.
    By rackrecording on Apr 4, 2009 at 6:36 pm
  • I probably should edit that clip to be the same volume as the others.
    By tenchijin on Apr 5, 2009 at 3:38 pm

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