ADK mics male vocals

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Please excuse the noise and the volume differences. I am not in my proper studio room. When I originally did the first samples I wasn't necessarily intending to post them but I hope they are useful nonetheless. I would suggest importing them into your sequencer and leveling the volumes to make an honest comparison. The Cremona and Berlin (the first two samples) were recorded with the same take, the others were recorded individually. All samples were tracked through the ISA 428 preamp into protools. No processing.


Audio Clips

  • ADK Berlin 47 - Male Vocal

  • ADK Cremona 251 - Male Vocal

  • ADK TC67 - Male Vocal

  • ADK Vienna 12 - Male Vocal

  • ADK CS-47Y - Male Vocal


  • The mics in the photo are the Cremona and the Berlin
    By tenchijin on Jan 31, 2009 at 7:49 pm

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