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All EQs are set as similar as I could make them, given their different features and layouts. Here's the basic settings: HP @ 80Hz, LF Shelf @ 220Hz +3dB, MF @ 1.2kHz +2dB, HF Shelf @ 10kHz +3dB.

Signal tracked with an ADK TC mic through a Sebatron Thorax preamp (slight EQ and compression going in), converted with an Apogee Duet and tracked into Logic 8 at 48/24.

I've been reading for weeks to find the "best" EQ plugin that gives that "analog" sound. I know now which one I love, and it's apparent to me, but perhaps every ear is different. What do you think?

Audio Clips

  • Dry Signal

  • Logic 8 Linear EQ

  • Waves V Series EQ3

  • Waves API 550A

  • UAD Helios 69

  • UAD Pultec Pro

  • UAD Neve 88RS

  • UAD Neve 1073

  • UAD Neve 1081


  • At first listen my favorite was the Neve 1073. It just seemed to be the smoothest. I preferred all the UA stuff in general.
    By rackrecording on Sep 4, 2008 at 1:11 am
  • As i listened down the line, the Waves V Series EQ3 caught me, but when I heard the UA Neve 1073, I was like "yea! that's it!". Very smooth and warm- my favorite.
    By danoan522 on Feb 4, 2010 at 8:14 am

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