Mic & Preamp Shootout - Presonus /Apogee/Sebatron/AKG/ADK/GT

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Preamps featured:

  • Presonus TubePre
  • Apogee Duet
  • Sebatron Thorax

Mics featured:

  • AKG 414B-ULS
  • ADK TC
  • Groove Tubes GT57

The Sebatron preamp was recorded once "warm" with heavy tube saturation, and once "clear" with little saturation. Tracked in Logic 8 with the Apogee Duet converters.

Audio Clips

  • AKG 414 - Presonuse Tube Pre

  • AKG 414 - Apogee Duet

  • ADK TC - Sebatron Warm

  • ADK TC - Sebatron Clear

  • ADK TC - Apogee Duet

  • GT57 - Apogee Duet

  • GT57 - Sebatron Clear

  • GT57 - Sebatron Warm


  • To my ears, this shows the adage that the preamp will have a greater impact than the mic. I especially enjoy shootouts that put a "control" that is a common component. this one with the more consumer tubepre and duet vs. a more pro sebatron. Maybe the distortion could have been tamed in the 414 recordings, but the sebatron both on clear and warmth were just what they should have been. more bigger, more stuff in the lower frequencies. Hey you can cut in mixdown, but you can;t add. As to what I liked, I think I liked #7, but I could enjoy playing around the area between clear and warm. I'll have to look at that unit and see if there is a way to do that, or maybe it is just a switch setting? thanks for the test.
    By sonicblade on Jan 11, 2010 at 1:44 pm
  • I like the Sebatron with the ADK TC, a combo I have used many times myself.
    By rackrecording on May 14, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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