San Juan Jazz Quintet

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6 piece jazz band, live at a small venue with good acoustics, recorded 8 channels through Presonus Firepod to Mac G4 Laptop with Logic at 24/48. Pair of ADK A51TL Mics retrofitted with Vienna (GK-12-Au) capsules as drum overheads, in ORTF, also picking up majority of ambience. No additional processing. A hint of AKG D112 on kick, two SM57 on dual guitar amps, two Red Oktava C012 Replacement Capsules (lollipop cardioid condenser) on Sax and Trumpet, AT4050 on bass amp (upright bass with pickup to GK amp). This is a portion of the composition "Dodo" by Rich Barker.

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  • Wow. I have never had my overheads sound that good. How did you place them?
    By DanOMatic on Nov 3, 2007 at 4:30 am
  • Thanks for the compliment! Perhaps the overheads sound good because there aren't a lot of mics, and these happened to be VERY good mics for this particular source. (I have fallem in love with the new Vienna capsules in general.) ORTF means 120 degrees angle pointed away from each other, cardioid pattern, about 17 cm apart. I had the mics mounted on a stereo bar, on a boom stand, about two feet above the drummers head and pointing slightly forward, to hear what the drummer is hearing, basically. The roof of this restaurant in Friday Harbor is made of wavey thin slats of wood, which happen to create a perfect diffusion spectrum. Not much more to say. Nothing esoteric.
    By robertrich on Nov 4, 2007 at 1:11 am

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