M-Audio Pulsar II vs. Rode NT-5 on Drum Overhead

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This is a mono recording of one drum performance through both an M-Audio Pulsar II and a Rode NT5. They were both run through the M-Audio Octane mic preamp using the exact same model cable. (The M-Audio original Pulsar microphone is also pictured here but the recording is not available.) No processing, no editing.


Audio Clips

  • M Audio Pulsar II - Drum OH

  • Rode NT 5 - Drum OH


  • I like how the Pulsar II has a fuller sound, where the Rode mic seems to boost the highs a little too much. I like overheads that pick up the drums as much as the cymbals.
    By rackrecording on Oct 6, 2007 at 2:39 pm

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