A Little Vocal Tuning with Melodyne

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Before and after of vocal tuned in Melodyne.  The song is called "Dream" by Lindsey Pool


Audio Clips

  • Original Vocal before tuning

  • Tuned Vocal with Melodyne

    I spent about 2 minutes in Melodyne manually tweaking the vocal track. I liked the vocal tone better in this take than others, but the pitch was shaky, so the track would have been unusable. If you pay particular attention to the last line you'll notice that a little tuning made a BIG difference.

  • Finished Song (using the tuned vocal track)

    Here's how the complete song turned out. The clip above is at the very end of the song.


  • Melodyne sounds more natural than the "other" product. This is a great example of that. It would have been nice if you could have done the same example using the "other" product most people use :-)
    By ProaudioMajik on Dec 13, 2007 at 12:54 am

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