A Finished Song with Description of Gear & Recording Process

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The drums were recorded first to a scratch click track. Then the guitars, vocals, and synths.

Drum overheads: Earthworks SR30s through a Sebatron vmp-2000eVU
Room Mic: Earthworks QTC40 into GT Vipre
Snare Drum (Top): ADK Vienna Pro
Snare Drum (Bottom): Shure SM57 into RME Fireface 800
Kick Drum: Shure Beta 52 (inside) and ADK CS-47 (outside) into API 3124+
Toms: ADK A-51S into ADK AP2 Preamp + Presonus MP20
High Hat: Shure SM81 into Fireface
Distorted Guitars: SM57 on cab into APIs and Sebatron
Clean Guitars: ADK CS-1 and SM57 blend into APIs and Sebatron
Bass Guitar: Line6 Bass POD into Sebatron and Vipre, then Empirical Labs Fatso
Vocals: ADK TC on verses + ADK CS-47 on choruses into Vipre, then CraneSong STC-8 compressor
Synths: DI into Sebatron

The converters were an Apogee AD16X and Fireface. The project was recorded, mixed, and mastered using Samplitude V8 Pro.
Mastering Hardware chain was Fireface->CraneSong IBIS->STC-8->FATSO->AD16X->Fireface->Samplitude

I used Melodyne Studio 3 and Samplitude to tune up the vocals a bit. I used Drumagog for subtle drum replacement (mixed in with the original drum tracks, only a little on the kick and snare).

Other effects were Samplitude EQ, Reverb, Analog Modeling Suite, UAD-1, and Waves plugins. I used very little EQ throughout the mix, but added little dips and bumps in almost every track to try and get them to gel.

The band is Lindsey Pool. The song is called "Over Me".


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  • Wow, beautiful! Another great recording of a great band! Nice work!
    By Audio Test on Oct 17, 2010 at 11:58 pm

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