Cover song - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down -

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A vocal track on a mp3 instrumental. Some of the most sought after gear in the audio world

Signal chain that was used is as follows:


U87Ai Microphone - Neve 1073N Mic Preamp with EQ engaged - Tube Tech CL1B(Telefunken New Old Stock Tubes 12AU7 and 12AX7) - Apogee Symphony IO interface

Plugins that were used were Lexicon PCM Plate reverb, H Delay, Softube PE1C in the vocal chain. Mastering was the Waves  SSL Buss Comp and L316

All Cables including the PC, interconnects, DSUB 25 cables, and headphone cables are custom designed by Stefan AudioArt.  

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  • nice song just hash i think it could be the ssl fader set to high try it with Lavry Blue AD Converter Crane Song see if i am right

    less tube u47 over tones little fader in-short tiny room slipback vocal it old school sound ok see if i am right add blurr reverb little wet that the 80's 

    By kickingsaturday on Nov 28, 2015 at 3:21 pm

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