2 male vocalists Soundelux Elux251 vs. ADK Z-251, ADK Z-12

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I had an opportunity to do a comparison of a Soundelux Elux251 and one of our ADK Z-251. I also put up an ADK Z-12 for another flavor. I had 2 vocalists with very different sounding voices sing a couple lines.

I set the mics as close as possible feeding my Digi 002 into Pro Tools 7. I set the inputs gains as close as to being exactly the same as possible. In the software I had to increase the Elux 251 level +4.9db to make it the same level as the ADK mics on playback.

When listening to these samples take short sections, repeat several times on each one. Then move on to the next sample. Listen to the attack, tails, tonal quality and Focus on frequencies groups - such as high mids, lows etc. Do not listen loudly as your ears will tire and you will not be able to properly evaluate the sounds.

Please make comments on what you are hearing



Audio Clips

  • ADK Z-251J Steve sings some Blues

  • Soundelux Elux251 Steve sings Blues

  • ADK Z-12S Steve sings some Blues

  • ADK Z-251J Billy sings Country

  • Soundelux Elux251 Billy sings Country

  • ADK Z-12S Billy sings Country

  • ADK Z-251J Billy sings N Young

  • Soundelux Elux251 Billy sings N Young

  • ADK Z-12S Billy sings N Young

  • ADK Z-251J Steve sings Wandering

  • Soundelux Elux251 Steve sings Wandering

  • ADK Z-12S Steve sings Wandering


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