Vertigo VSC-2 Mastering

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Before and after comparison of the Vertigo VSC-2 on a track by Portland, OR band, The Healthy Dose.


Audio Clips

  • No Vertigo

    Prism Orpheus DA > BAE 1073MP (line mode) > Prism Orpheus AD

  • Vertigo

    Prism Orpheus DA > Vertigo VSC-2 > BAE 1073MP (line mode) > Prism Orpheus AD

    Vertigo VSC-2 settings: 4:1 Ratio, 30ms Attack, Auto Release, Dual Mono, 60hz Sidechain. Average 1-2db compression, makeup gain at 3 o'clock


  • I much preferred the non-Vertigo version. Less signal path...closer to the source...and the dynamics are nice. The squashed version achieves nothing other than a good dose of boredom-factor. The Rhodes sounds great and interesting to the ear on the non-squashed version, but loses that in the Vertigo version. If you match the subjective playback levels using this magic knob we all have at home called a "volume knob", it's a fairly straightforward procedure to make it louder if you want...

    By Hussyh on Apr 29, 2015 at 6:45 pm

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