2 males vocalists 4 microphones. ADK vs. Telefunken AK47 MkI

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In this test you will hear 2 Telefunken AK47. One is modified with an ADK GK47 capsule one is stock. I put them up against an ADK CS47S and an ADK CS67L.

The CS67L is a different sounding mic than the "47" but I had it around so I thought I would use it as another color in this test.

I had two very different sounding vocalists, maybe a bit early in the morning but they did a good job nevertheless.

The mics were set up as close as possible with a windscreen. Steve was 18-24 inches away from the windscreen and Billy was about 10 inches away.

I used the mics with their supplied stock 7pin cabling but I did forget to wire the ADK's with the Accusound OFC copper cable which comes stock with the ADK mics. I used a cheap chinese cable..ugh. The 3pin XLR cables into the 002 were all Accusound cable

I went directly into my Digi 002 interface into PT7...yeah I need to upgrade but I think it represents most home studio setups. The mic gains ended up being set about 1 o'clock on the 002. There is Zero eq/compression/verb added to the tracks.
I do want to say that in the software I had to adjust the volume of the CS67L about 2db down to make it equal with the other mics.

Pick out a small section and focus on attack, tails, grittiness, things like that. Also listen for frequencies that are louder/softer etc. Don't monitor too loud your ears will get tired too quick and your assessment will not be as accurate. Listen several times get to know the tones. You may hear on Steve's samples what sounds like reverb - He was singing so loud you could hear the sound of the kitchen

Audio Clips

  • AK47 Stock Capsule, Steve Blues

  • AK47 Modified/w ADK GK47 capsule, Steve Blues

  • ADK CS-47S, Steve Blues

  • ADK CS-67L, Steve Blues

  • AK47 Stock Capsule, Billy sings Neil Y

  • AK47 Modified/W ADK GK47 capsule, Billy sing Neil

  • ADK CS-47S, Billy sings Neil Y

  • ADK CS-67L, Billy sings Neil Y

  • AK47 Stock Capsule, Steve sings Nilsson

  • AK47 Modified/W ADK GK47 capsule, Nilsson

  • ADK CS-47S, Steve sings Nilsson

  • ADK CS-67L Steve sings Nilsson


  • 2 Males Vocalists 4 Microphones. Adk Vs. Telefunken Ak47 Mki all is fine but try it without protools the computer kills the air on the mic.

    sample idea winner sound pick Lavry Blue Mic Pre Schoeps MKII Condenser Microphone, Crane Song Flamingo Preamp, Lavry Blue AD Converter
    By kickingsaturday on Nov 28, 2015 at 2:48 pm
  • Telefunken just add not the mkII with the a/d and add cranesong is a must see if i am right i bet i am also try backing off the mic on hash or lould sounds

    you might find amazing easy premaster on vocals try it 

    By kickingsaturday on Nov 28, 2015 at 2:52 pm

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