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Mic Preamp Shootout-Rock Guitar
by shelterr on Feb 1, 2015
Knif Tube Mic Preamp Shootout
by stephanhawkes on Nov 5, 2014
Original Song "Carpenter Song" Acoustic Guitar - ADK Thor
by jacksone on Jul 29, 2014
Unit Audio
by Unit Audio on Apr 19, 2014
Cover song - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down -
by Griploc on Oct 22, 2013
Male Vocal ADK Thor Mic through Universal Audio Apollo Quad
by jacksone on May 25, 2013
2 male vocalists Soundelux Elux251 vs. ADK Z-251, ADK Z-12
by basskev on Apr 10, 2013
Vertigo VSC-2 Mastering
by NAbner on Mar 30, 2013
2 males vocalists 4 microphones. ADK vs. Telefunken AK47 MkI
by basskev on Mar 29, 2013
2 mic drum kit recording ADK Thor Odin
by basskev on Mar 14, 2013